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Our photography style is NATURAL, PLAYFUL, JOYFUL. FINE ART MEETS FUN. Beautiful lashes, a freckled nose, or two deep brown limitless eyes. Cherished dimples, growing mama bellies,AUTHENTIC and PRETTY as can be. Living in the moment, marking the time, celebrating all-grown-up. But mostly just TIMELESS, CLASSIC, make-you-smile GORGEOUS PORTRAITS. We are based out of NEW DELHI and take assignments all over INDIA and wedding assignments internationally to places like UK, SPAIN and FRANCE

Candid Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is one of the most important elements to include on your wedding day. It will allow you to look back at the special moments you shared with your friends and family for years to come. iMoments is a wedding photography company with a photojournalistic style and trained team of photography experts that have become the signature behind the breathtaking images we create for you.

Wedding Cinematography

Make your wedding day truly unforgettable with all the sights, sounds and emotional moments captured on video. Our experienced videographers implement the same high level of artistry, photojournalism, and proven process our photographers do, while remaining non-intrusive. Using the best technology and a team of editing experts, iMoments is committed to bringing your day to life long after it’s over.


Pre/Post Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photoshoot involves spending the day being photographed in casually yet carefully coordinated outfits, gazing into each other’s eyes while onlookers stare (it’s pretty obvious that it’s no professional model shoot). The aim is to capture your idiotic “in Love and about to get married” expressions.


Photobooth concept is becoming more and more popular as a part of the wedding photography coverage and its making its way into more and more wedding photography packages. Photobooth allows the taking of great images of guests having fun. The best part of it all is tones of accessories that come with the photobooth. Things like crazy and colorful wigs, hats, feathers, boas, mustaches, bunny ears and many more things – The Sky is the limit. It keeps guests entertained at the wedding reception, especially in between meals courses.

SPECIAL EVENTS. Apart from Weddings, we also under takes projects related to – Commericals, Children Events, Religious Events, Sports, Documentary and Fashion.